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Breanne Blunden

Benefit Development Advisor​

I like people and I like numbers, which is why I love being a benefit development advisor.  It is the best of both worlds!  I enjoy meeting and getting to know our clients.  I believe that it is important to understand clients, their situations and get a true sense of their goals in order to provide personalized advice.   The numbers act as a tool to illustrate options available to clients, based on each client’s unique situation.  Whether it be group or individual insurance, my goal is to use my passions to help our clients determine insurance solutions that work for them personally.


Nathan Toornstra

Associate Advisor

Honesty, integrity, and hard work are values that were impressed on me from a very early age and continue to shape me today.  It’s all about putting myself in your shoes so that I can understand what you really need.  Building on this foundation, I work with my clients to create a customized plan that makes sense to them and allows them to get where they want to be.  Whether we are reviewing your personal risk and retirement goals or streamlining your business' operational goals, I work alongside you to ensure we are doing what is right for your family, your employees, and your business.  

Erin Arnold

Senior Account Manager​​
Family values and cultivating a personal community have always been important to me and joining a company with similar beliefs has made all the difference.  I love meeting new people and getting the opportunity to build our Riverview Insurance community.  I primarily work with plan administrators, building trust and providing support.  Genuine and direct, my focus is on answering questions, getting new employees enrolled, setting up new groups/divisions and helping to distribute information.  All of which allow our clients, in turn, to enhance and grow their own workplace communities.

Aliesha Ziegler

Marketing Analyst​

As the marketing analyst I am usually behind the scenes, which is just how I like it!  I enjoy using my creative side to help enhance our client presentations and marketing materials, making them not only easy to understand but also visually appealing.  I strive to make sure all of our clients receive a pleasant experience each time they call or stop by.  My goal is to make sure every client is getting the best possible value from their insurance contracts with Riverview.   

Derrick Peterson


My reward is being a true resource to my clients, and watching them implement the advice I give, whether the decisions are easy ones or difficult ones.  Whether you are a business owner, farmer, or an individual who cares about your family legacy, I am passionate about helping you explore the pros and cons of each financial or business scenario, and assisting you in making an informed decision of your own.  The insurance world can be very convoluted and I believe clarity of any issue is the most valued goal.  My focus is on you and your company’s vision for today and the future.